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Electorate as dumb as OWS

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2011 at 2:20 pm

While the media on the right is busy criticizing OWS for placing the blame on wall street instead of Washington, the rest of us have been sucked into a soup opera of the republican primary,while the super committee is about to sell out. Republicans who promised no tax increases, are about to cave with a three hundred billion dollar tax the rich scheme, folding to media and OWS pressure.

The Tea Party seems to have all but disappeared in the struggle. It seems to me we should put the debates on hold till after the holidays and focus on spending cuts before it’s too late. All the pressure that was present over the summer has faded and our economy needs some good news right now.

The Tea party should organize demonstrations on Washington and stay until the job is done. I think OWS is slightly misguided, but I admire their staying and not giving up. The Tea Party should mimic this and bring the Capitol to its knees. Any Republican who votes for a tax increase should be swept out of office next cycle.

Having said that, The Tea Party will not be effective if all they focus on is elections.Time to step up and use their numbers to shape the debate on spending cuts right now.

No Cain, No Gain first edition

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2011 at 10:37 pm

I’ve made up my mind who I stand behind for President and I’ve never felt stronger about a candidate. Herman’s 999 plan is the fastest most effective way to drop unemployment below five percent and get the economy humming again. Despite the lame stream media focusing on tabloid politics and touting Rino Romney as the front-runner, the polls still show Herman in the lead nationally.

So Why isn’t corporate America backing his bold vision; a vision that would transform the corporate tax rate from the highest in the world to the lowest, while eliminating FICA a matching employer tax of 7.5%? The silence is a combination of fear and survival.

Between the President and OWS, corporate profits and excessive salaries have been demonized to the point the most successful businesses are hiding in the shadows, fearful of repercussions from the angry mob? Shift the focus from the media phyco-babble and turn attention to the benefits of 999. I believe under 999 OWS demonstrators will find a job so they can stop whining!

This week on Dick Morris lunch alert, Herman explained the impact of removing the FICA tax. He used a loaf of bread as an example of how it would lower the price of products. From the farmer who grows the wheat,to the mill, distributor and the retailer, each step 7.5% is taken away from their cost of employment,lowering the price 20 to 30%, more than offsetting the 9% sales tax. In his simple example he doesn’t take into account that each of those employers insurance,healthcare and other service also with lower employment costs. The multiplying effect isn’t even measurable!

What would be the impact on the price of a new Chevy? Each car with a thousand parts from dozens of suppliers and hundreds of players in the supply chain.What if a new car price dropped ten thousand dollars?Combine that with the US going from the highest to the lowest corporate tax rate. What would that do for exports? What would the economy look like in Detroit if we tripled exports? The question is no longer do we want to just defeat Obama. It is do we want a little change like 8%unemployment or real change like a fair tax code a buzzing economy and unemployment under 5%.

999, do the math. If you see what I see I encourage you to use your sphere of influence to get business leaders to come out of hiding and endorse Herman for President, after all they have more credibility than Washington and the lame steam media.

The media doesn’t decide who’s electable

In Uncategorized on October 13, 2011 at 12:40 am

Shame on me. After hearing over and over that Herman Cain is unelectable, I began examining the others. After many debates I’m convinced the media is wrong and he’s the right man for the job. I was at my restaurant today listening to a salesman tell me Cain isn’t electable and he was going to vote for Romney. What about healthcare I said. He was willing to step over Romney’s record because he wants Obama out and Romney is the most electable.

There’s that word again. Rather than choose the one we think is best for the job, we’re going to sell our principles down the toilet and elect someone because the MEDIA is convinced us he was the only one who is electable. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DECIDE WHO”S ELECTABLE, NOT THE MEDIA!!!!

Whether your sold on the Hermanator or one of the non-Romney candidates, I’m asking you to Email the media every time that E word comes up and remind them who’s voting!


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